Students Welcome Party Students Welcome Party
2022-08-19 by admin

“Student, commitment and a lot of energy” would briefly summarize the event that took place on November 11 in Tirana dedicated to young people. The event brought together a large number of organizations and young people in the company of music and entertainment which lasted for hours.

The event aimed to create a tradition of welcoming young students to the capital who do not have contact or access to various groups such as organizations or enterprises that affect the lives of young people.

The event was divided into 2 parallel segments, where the first segment was the organization of a fair of organizations, in order for young people to be informed about the opportunities that Tirana offers. More than 10 civil society organizations and youth groups participated, presenting their work and what they offered to young people.

In addition, a party took place in one of the most populated areas of Tirana such as Ish Blloku for several hours with young artists who developed their activity at the party such as graffiti, music, etc. enabling the socialization of young people, establishing communication bridges between groups with similar interests.

The event, which took place throughout the day, gathered more than 4,000 young people, creating a new tradition for the city of Tirana, that of informing through the party.

The long-term goal of this activity is to directly impact the cycle of adaptation and inclusion of students in cultural life and active activities in the capital, their involvement in opportunities to increase their capacities as well as their socialization with peers.

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