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During October, New Vision participated in the opening conference of



“O’visor – Only what you give is yours” program. The program,


which is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Program of the Euro

pean Union, will include 10 partner organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Hungary, and Luxembourg.




The aim of “o’VISOR is strengthening the EU unity and supporting WB region on the way to EU, also strengthening EU and WB identity and conscience built from the grassroots to the community based, community-built and community-supported starting with the impact and improvement of volunteering policies at the transnational level, supporting solidarity in the time of the crises and cooperation EU countries with WB.


The common work for a sharing EU solidarity, cooperation and volunteering framework through the cooperation of 10 CSO-s coming from 10 different countries aimed at fostering awareness and public understanding about the importance of the volunteerism and solidarity issues improving sustainable conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level and including citizens from WB countries.


The focus of this project would be on researching and creating a new model of local and transnational development of the essential role of volunteers, disadvantaged groups and minorities with a focus on the refugees and migrants.


Such programs help many young people to increase their capacities and to exchange experiences with their peers in different countries. The involvement of 10 partner organizations will increase the impact that this project will have on young people.









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